Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror...

I know most people decide to have a clear-out in the Spring; but the urge is upon me and I've decided to do something about my living room.  Not only is it going to get a tidy-up but a coat of paint too.  It's currently painted a colour called 'hessian' which is a pale taupe/cream colour and it's done it's job of showing off my treasures very well, but time for a change.  I'm thinking white - throughout the living room and dining room and using the colour from paintings and soft furnishings to vary the tones and break it up.  However, that's not my dilemma.  My current obsession is not paint but mirrors.  Yes. Mirrors.  I have a wonderful Edwardian mantlepiece that is the centrepiece of the room and above it stands a nice (but boring) mirror with a plain gold surround.  It's not enough.  It's just not big enough and I'd quite like something with a bit more detail.  Here's the dilemma: gold or silver or white french chic? 

silver gilt?

classic gold?

ornate gold?

or French chic?

What to do? 

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