Monday, September 17, 2012

The weekend - briefly


Summer is hanging on by its tendrils and this weekend I was happy to cling along!  I had booked a trip with the Thames Rib Experience and it didn't disappoint...seeing London from the river, accompanied by an amusing and informative narrative would have been enough in itself; add to that, a 50mph rib that sweeps and dives at 45 degrees plus, on it's side, as you try to hear the James Bond theme tune above the screams (that was me by the way!) and you have yourself an outing to remember!  I recommend it - go get yourself a booking - just don't eat before hand!  If I had my way, I think a lot of my pics of weekends would include food...and this one was no exception.  I used the last of the figs to re-create one of my fav Cote d'Azur go-tos - split, fill with blue cheese and bake (if you have pancetta wrap that around it too, but I was all out owing to delicious pancetta bagels on sat am!!!!).  Finally,  a trip to the Real Food Market, on the South Bank.  Everything is great quality and ethically and sustainably sourced.  The crowds had thinned somewhat by the time I happened by at around 5pm on Saturday and I had a pleasurable half-hour tasting some amazing Comte cheese and cooing over the tiny bottles of fizz...

Hope you all had a fabulous few days enjoying the last of the summer sun...and if there was no sun, it was relaxing anyway!


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