Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Normal for Norfolk'

As readers of  this blog will know, I recently spent a week in Norfolk and came across a wonderfully eclectic, as well as bursting to the seams, treasure trove of a shop called 'Normal for Norfolk'.  Inside this Aladdin's cave, wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling were racks of vintage dresses, skirts, jewellery and bags.  I was virtually hyperventilating with pleasure.  However, I left without spending anything (trying to keep to my budget) and on my return looked it up on the web hoping for some internet shopping instead.  I found the shop, but sadly no on- line shopping to be found.  What I did find however, was a definition for the phrase 'Normal for Norfolk' (here). Not an altogether complimentary image but at least the owner of the shop has a good sense of humour.  Whenever I'm in Norfolk I always find some lovely little treasures tucked away, last year it was a first edition of one of my grandfather's books, this year it was some cute stationary. So take a look at my 'normal for Norfolk' finds..
Gorgeous stationary from Norfolk Living

Soft rose-patterned padded hangers
Cockle Shells from Holkham beach

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let there be light!

Those of you that know me will also know that not only do I have an obsession with water, but also fairy lights...there is something magical that happens whenever and wherever you drape a string and my house has them in abundance..around a metal bed frame, surrounding a vintage mirror, in the garden, up the bannisters and along dado rails; however, I am a purist and I don't do the coloured variety (unless they're all one colour - last year I bought red berry lights for the christmas tree)preferring the quiet sparkle of the white light.  Even the most mundane object or banal room can be transformed by droplets of light.  Here are some of my favourite images...