Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to School Basics

It's not just the school-children that lie-awake worrying about their first day back you know...spare a thought for their teachers!   Well, just like their charges, one way to get over the back-to-school blues is to shop!  I can quite happily spend an hour in Paperchase choosing my pens and another few days shopping for the perfect back-to-school outfit.  Every cloud....

1. Zara jumper with silk cami £35.99
2. New Jo Malone fragrance for Autumn - launched this week, Blackberry and Bay
3. Zara high heel ballerina - £49.99
4. Paperchase V Pens £3.50.  I love these fountain pens; Pink is my fav!
5. Pencil Skirt £25.00
6. Gorgeous Cynthia leather bag in coral £139.00
7. No bag is complete without a Smythson notebook £45.00. 

How do you make going back to work easier after a holiday?  Tips gratefully received!

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