Monday, July 14, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Dragonfly, Old Friends and Ice-cream

1.  To sit in the quiet garden in the sunshine and be still.  Just at that moment a beautiful dragonfly flits across my gaze, the sunshine bouncing off it's irridescent back, its gossamer wings fragility personified, as it takes itself off round the garden.

2. Sitting with friends in a comfortableness that only comes after years of friendship; we had our babies together, been through marriage ups and downs, teenage tantrums, watched our babies grow into young adults, leave home and return and here we still are, laughing and drinking wine together.  What a blessing.

3. Dipping a spoon into the thick, dark chocolate fudge sauce and watching it melt the ice-cream, forming a river of pale vanilla, flecked here and there with traces of the sauce as it runs away from the molten stream.


  1. Love your blog, it's inspiring and full of gorgeous photos.