Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Retro treats

A few days ago a friend offered me a sweet - I pulled out of the bag a 'Black Jack'.  I hadn't seen one of those, or tasted one for that matter, for many years.  When I was in middle school I walked home everyday with a group of friends and on the way we had to pass a newsagents called 'Blacks'.  Now 'Blacks' was one of those shops that sold the old-fashioned type of sweets; you could buy a chew, a Black Jack, a Fruit Salad for 1p; it was one of those shops that you went into and said "can I have a quarter of..." I usually had Pear Drops...Anyway, this Black Jack got me thinking about all those treats that I ate as a child; some you can still get and others seem to have disappeared into oblivion.  These are my top picks...
Battenburg - always a slice at my Granny's

Tunnock's Marshmallow Teacake - again always at my Granny's

Wagon Wheels - do they still make these?

Nestle's Mint Cracknel

the Yorkie Bar
 Who remembers the advert for the Yorkie bar - I still remember the slogan "not for girls"!!!!
If you want a trip down memory lane have a look at this:

What were your favourite treats that haven't stood the test of time?

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  1. mmm ... pear drops.. lovely... rhubard and custard or kola cubes maybe even cherry lips xxx