Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Words - On Underwear

Something frivolous, because sometimes that's exactly what the Dr ordered...

Your granny was right!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Little bit of Life Lately

You know when Life sometimes gets in the way of itself?  When one domino goes and before you know it you're picking up the pieces of the entire line?  That's how life's been for me over the last few months as I've encountered family crisis after crisis, so apologies for such little activity on the blog.  To be honest, life lately has mainly been about hospital appointments, visiting in hospitals, getting results in hospitals but in the midst of that there has been a trip to the beach; a night 'on the toon'; and a trip to a flea market.  Here's hoping that things can only get better...

The Sage, Gateshead, Sir Norman Foster's amazing creation

How I love this bridge 

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and a wonderful gallery wall at Gusto Newcastle

The fabulous roof at Tynemouth Station, now a listed building and home to one of the most vibrant markets in the North East.

Tynemouth Longsands

Black and White prints from a talented photographer with a stall at Tynemouth market.

Gorgeous teacups, a steal at £10 for 6
(another market find)