Sunday, March 04, 2012

Doing (Writing) and being

Doing is being.
To have done's not enough;
To stuff yourself with doing - that's the game.
To name yourself each hour by what's done,
To tabulate your time at sunset's gun
And find yourself in acts
You could not know before the facts
You wooed from secret self, which much needs wooing,
So doing brings it out,
Kills doubt by simply jumping, rushing, running
Forth to be
The new-discovered me.
To not do is to die,
Or lie about and lie about the things
You just might do some day.
Away with that!
Tomorrow empty stays
If no man plays it into being
With his motioned way of seeing.
Let your body lead your mind -
Blood the guide dog to the blind;
So then practice and rehearse
To find heart-soul's universe,
Knowing that by moving/seeing
Proves for all time: Doing's being!
"Doing is Being" by Ray Bradbury from Zen in the Art of Writing
 What do you think? Is doing being? Or, is it impossible to 'be' if you're 'doing'?


  1. Very thought provoking. Are we measured by our 'doing' or by our worth?

    1. I guess that depends on whether our worth is calibrated by our doing and how much we as individuals subscribe to that - or not!

  2. Definitely very thought provoking - I'm going off to ponder the mystery is doing being, or is being doing nothing, or is being the doing..