Friday, April 14, 2017

Cosy Corners to Nourish the Soul

{Garden retreat - reading and meditating}
I'm a 'nester'.  It doesn't matter where I am, home or away, I nest.  I create little havens, whether it be my office at work, a holiday let, a hotel room or my own home and garden, I make it my own.  Sometimes it's as simple as a favourite book and candle, other times it's a whole makeover and furniture shift.  So, when life gets just a little too busy, when there are many demands being made on my time, when my energy is being depleted rapidly, it comes as no surprise that I head for the nearest cosy space to recharge and nourish myself.  We all need a place to call our own, be it a favourite corner or the luxury of a separate room; we all need a place to find refuge and let out that 'ahhhh' moment, when we can let it all go. I have several spaces in my home that are my refuge in times of need - a coffee space at the end of the garden that gets the morning sun; a more private sitting space (above) to lounge and read, meditate and chill, and, pure luxury, a writing room that also has a day bed, my beloved vinyl records, childhood books, favourite pictures and all my writing notebooks - a place for inspiration, creativity and REST.

{morning coffee spot - catches the first rays of sun}

The Spring Term has just finished for me and as per usual, I find that I am burnt out and exhausted.  The cold that began the week before the end of term is lingering and I feel like a shadow loitering with no intent. So, time to retreat to my cosy spaces, to read, take long baths, take afternoon naps in the pale Spring sunshine and spend way too many hours indulging my pinterest passion.  In the process of this I came across some of the following - inspiration for your own special space....

I love the way that most of these spaces have a book  nearby - for me, relaxing and recharging ALWAYS involves a book.

How do you recharge?  Do you have a space you retreat to?  I'd love to hear your ideas.