Tuesday, September 04, 2012

London Landmarks

London Routemaster Bus
 As a child I was always into making things - books, terrible crocheted doilies, dolls-houses from shoeboxes and so on; but what I didn't do was the whole airfix thing and the making of tiny models.  That might all be about to change! The summer may be drawing to a close, the Olympics are over, the Para-olympics underway, Wimbledon done; but that's no reason not to continue to celebrate London as a city.  As I was trawling the internet for birthday presents last month I came across several models that could tempt me into what I always viewed as a frustrating gluing job.  What do you think of these?

Big Ben

Tower Bridge
All these kits are made of foam-card and need no tools to assembly.  How cool are they!  Get yours here and enjoy pretending you're ten years-old again!

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