Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

1.  I finally mastered the perfect French dressing!  Sharp with vinegar, tangy with mustard, garlicky and silky smooth, it transformed a humble green salad into something quite magical.

2.  To sit with friends and colleagues in a sunny pub garden and realise that wherever our lives went, we would still have a connection and a reason to pick up the phone and say 'hi'.

3.  The feel of the cool water as I lowered myself into the pool was nothing short of ecstasy.  It felt like the whisper of silk and soothed my frayed and frazzled hot body.


  1. Aww, Sarah, I recognise that feeling when you get into the pool. It's great, and I love the way you describe it.


  2. Thanks's total bliss isn't it!