Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in the (Gucci) Bag?

I promised you all a series on 'What's in the Bag?' and apologies that I've taken so long to do another...the truth is I did this post a while ago and saved it and when Blogger took us all over to the new interface it lost it!  Anyway, here it is again!! Firstly I want to thank Debs for allowing me to be nosy and empty her bag to my scrutiny!  Debs has one of the best bag collections I've seen and is the envy of friends and friends' daughters!!! Please excuse the quality of the photos.  They were taken after a few glasses of wine and in bad light so don't do this gorgeous bag justice...but enough rambling..

..the bag...
Gucci Snakeskin - a special present from Debbie's husband

Gorgeous detailing - fringing with gold studs and gold plates
Debs' stuff

from left to right...

1.  Nurofen Plus from Boots because "it's the only thing that shifts a headache"
2. Sunglasses from Chanel "I bought these in Harvey Nichols, Jackie O' style, big and simple without being too glitzy but very versatile".
3. Dailies contact lens' by accuvue "it's kinda freaky cos I only wear them in one eye!"
4. "These are my little known secret.  Linen vest tops from Massimo Dutti.  Great pieces at good prices and they look great under a suit as they're long-line.  You have to be quick tho' as they sell out quickly and go a size bigger as they come up small."
5.  Umbrella - "you don't want your hair to frizz up."
6.  Wallet from Louis Vuitton "my husband bought me this to go with my work bag.  It's eight years old and still going - indestructible."
Chanel sunglasses, Armani lippy and Nokia cell

7.  Rouge d'Armani shade 103. "A secret weapon for us girls.  It's the ideal beige lipstick, a perfect base and when you don't want to wear a bolder colour, it's just there.  I buy three; one for work, one for home and one to carry around."
8. Keys and my lucky elephant - a gift from a friend from Kenya "I love it, cheap and inoffensive."
Cartier pen, penhaligon's case and Vuitton wallet
9. Phone Nokia Music Express "it's easy to use and has all my numbers on."

10.  Cartier pen.  "A present two years ago for Christmas.  When you write with a fountain pen it instantly makes your handwriting better.  If I lost it I'd be distraught."
11. Penhaligon's cosmetic case "I carry my pen around in this"

Thank you Debbie - I'm off now to hunt down that beige lipstick and search out another victim for my 'What's in the Bag?'series...any offers?


  1. What a gorgeous bag! I love Massimo too..

  2. Wow! Your friend has wonderful taste in bags.. I love Armani lippy's too.. You should try Tom Ford too.. Pricey but worth it

  3. Great idea for blog post.. Look forward to the next 'bag victim'!

  4. Love this! I'm always fascinated by what we choose to carry about with us...

  5. I love being nosey in peoples bags (as you can see)...glad you like it x