Saturday, May 21, 2011

Writerly Things...

At last, after months of searching I finally found my writing desk!  I had a picture in my mind and nothing I'd seen, in shops, on line had fitted my mental tick list - it had to be small (ish), have a couple of drawers, space at the back for storing things and most importantly have some character - I was thinking along the lines of a vintage french/swedish design in wood, limewashed the palest off-white.  I've trawled the usual places and the unusual places to no avail, until one evening driving home from work I spotted my desk, sitting proudly in a shop window only two minutes from home!  Even better - I got it at a reduced rate - meant to be, destiny...
So, I had a fun hour 'dressing' it and this blog entry is its christening, the first time I've sat at it to write; the first of many I hope and now I can indulge in my other secret (or not so secret) obsession - stationary, and all the other writerly paraphilalia that I'm addicted to, like heart shaped paper-clips; vintage paper notebooks and pens in rainbow hues.
My Book Log

Ready to write

Petal Power (picked from the garden)

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  1. This looks lovely hon :)

    Keep blogging, keep smiling :D