Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Camera Never Lies

I've had a camera - a variety of camera's - most of my adult life and when you're blogging a camera is a necessity.  My current camera is a point and shoot bog standard Nikon Coolpix which takes fairly decent pictures, however I don't always remember to take it out with me and so miss numerous photo opps!  I was considering this problem and came to the conclusion that I would be far better relying on the camera on my iphone 4 as I always carry this with me.   My next deliberation was how to improve the quality and 'viewing pleasure' of the photos I take.  I'm not a trained photographer and although I have a good eye they'd hardly win any medals.  So I decided to download a few photography apps to help me out.  For the princely sum of around £3.50 I have 4 new toys to play with - Instagram, Pixfx, PicFrame and Toy SLR.  I can take a photo, or use one in my album and add a filter, other light effects, frames and the such-like.  The results are much better than my previous attempts and I've had a lot of fun playing with all the different effects.  Here are a couple that I took today...
Toy SLR, PicFx & Instagram

Toy SLR & PicFx

Instagram & PicFrame


  1. Really like the candle photo, guessed you needed a glass of wine - just to try out the apps?

  2. The wine was definitely compulsory!!

  3. Thanks for the tips...the photos look great! I love the light effects ...