Monday, February 20, 2012

Glimpses of the Weekend

And so another weekend has been and gone, a new week begun with it's calls and demands, but inbetween all the busyness, I will be holding onto the weekend moments; a bracing walk in the sea air with hot vinegary chips as a reward; pamper time with my ma precieux fille; tea in a bowl in a French cafe; watery winter sunlight through the clouds and a reminder to myself that even in the midst of life's ups and downs, there is much to be grateful for.
Mani from Hand and Foot Spa

P&Q in Le Pain Quotidien

Art Deco Architecture in Worthing

Flora and Fauna in Cannizaro Park

Statues in above park - never quite worked out one on the right!!
What did you do this weekend?  What keeps you going through the busy days?

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  1. Laughter is one cure for this season, we caught over the weekend One Man, Two Govrnors, all that is said about it is true.