Monday, March 10, 2014

Glimpses from the Weekend...

I had a myriad of very boring and potentially stressful admin jobs to get through this weekend and wasn't looking forward to them at all; but guess what?  I didn't do any of them. What a rebel I am!  I didn't do them because this past weekend saw London basking in glorious sunshine and after weeks and weeks of grey skies and torrential rain, there was no way I was going to miss out.  I fitted in some quick gym trips and then a wonderfully gentle walk in Claremont Landscape Garden.  I love this garden for it's soft landscaping and dotted white benches strewn around the lawns.  All the spring flowers were there in abundance and the views from the Camelia garden down over the rest of the park were a soothing vista for tired and weary psyches!  Then it was a quick trip to the newly opened Daylesford Organic Farmshop in Esher for a hearty bowl of soup and tangy rarebit.  In fact Saturday was a bit of a gourmet tryathon all round, as in the evening we made it to a place that I've been dying to try for some time, Ben's Canteen.  I'd heard fantastic things about their burgers and it didn't disappoint.  The BC burger is a beef pattie topped with salt beef, homemade bbq sauce and cheese and I was torn between that and the crispy chicken burger made with spicy buttermilk.  I went for the chicken, and oh my word, it was heaven.  The chicken coating was spicy and crunchy and the streaky bacon was crunchy not soggy;  the celeriac slaw was finely chopped and totally delicious.  Really a fantastic tasting meal and great value too. If you want to go for a pud you can do 2 courses and a glass of wine for £15 between 5-7pm which is exceptionally good value.

Sunday saw another glorious day, so I packed a bag, windbreak, towel and rug and it was off to West Wittering beach, one of my favourite places ever.  For some reason, despite the wonderful sunny day, apart from dog walkers and horse riders, the beach was pretty deserted.  I read, watched the tide come in, slept and let the worries of the past week slide to one side for a while, letting the positive ions do their thing.  Bliss.  It's good to have some time like this, like putting money in the bank, something to draw on when emotional resources are weak.

Hoping your weekend was relaxing and restorative!  

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