Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crafty things

Now, I know Valentine's Day has been and gone, but some of these ideas can be used for other special days; all you need to do is change the wording on the cards.  My first project involved using some freebies from Walnut Paperie which sadly is based in the States and doesn't import over here, BUT, we can use their templates nevertheless.  I thought I was being really organised and had printed them out in advance but then couldn't find them and had to re-do them, then discovering that I only had a few pages of 'nice' paper left so couldn't use them all unfortunately.  I gathered together my cutting board, scalpel, watercolours, glitter, glue and stampers and ink (as above) and set to.  The results are quite pleasing, although fairly amateurish..What do you think?

Then, I attempted my second project.  An oragami heart!  I knew that it would test my patience, but boy, did  I not know just how much!  It comes with instructions for a sweet little pouch made from greaseproof paper and it was definitely worth the tears because it looks great (and it only took me 5 goes to get it right!!!!)

This pic doesn't capture the oragami on the front of the heart

Flip up the back of the heart to write your own message

Sweet pouch, hand stitched

Tag from East of India customised by Sarah!
Washi Tape from a selection at Paperchase
Hope you feel inspired to have a go yourself - enjoy!


  1. Love the heart..I'm going to give this a go. Thanks!

  2. Great craft ideas.. Keep the ideas your blog