Saturday, February 25, 2012

Light and Airy

My love of light and white interiors is well-known, but the light in England is not always conducive to this sort of interior decor.  Sometimes it just looks too harsh and clinical, whereas the same look in Italy or Scandinavia has a totally different feel to it and it's all to do with the quality of light.  However, I came across this house that was featured in a magazine and not only is it light and white, but it's also in Sussex, a favourite county of mine.  What do you think of this decor?
I love the detail here - the picture behind the tulips; the old lantern

Space and light - what's not to like!

Rustic basket and reclaimed table

A family kitchen that manages to be functional yet stylish

A nautically themed room without being obvious

Now this is the room I'd like - an old French day bed and simple desk. Perfect!

I think these old-fashioned sinks are full of vintage charm and so much more aesthetic than modern-day ones

I have collections of shells like this all over my house - and even my desk at work

*Pictures courtesy of Compagne Decoration

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