Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thames Heritage Tapestry

A few months ago schoolchildren all along the River Thames were asked to take part in a project that was to detail the life of the river.  It's all part of the celebration prior to the Olympics and they were asked to contribute a metre square tapestry, using a variety of materials. Each square would then be added to other artworks to reflect a multifaceted portrait of the Thames from it's source to the sea, through the eyes of the children who live along it's banks. The Tapestry is now showing at the South Bank in London and I went along to have a look at it in the week.  I was SO impressed - obviously our section (Battersea Power Station) was on my radar, but the quality of all the contributions was nothing short of outstanding, creating vibrant snapshots of life along the Thames. Well worth a visit if you're up in that part of town.


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