Friday, February 24, 2012

The bearable lightness of being!

Yesterday in London it hit 17.5 degrees - positively balmy for a Spring day, never mind in the depths of winter!  The sun shone through the window all day, a breeze stirred the waking buds and the birds chirruped happily throughout.  By 5pm I'd had enough of looking through the window at the blue skies and the children playing in the park and I hot-footed it up to the village for a wander in the late afternoon sun.  As I got out of the car, the combination of the cool air, the wintery sunshine and the birdsong literally lifted a weight from me - the stresses of work and home, temporarily gone, or at least faded, for a short time of lightness of being.  I stood for some time looking at this tree - truncated and shorn, but somehow beautiful and strong and just 'there'.  Here's to more days like this.

I loved the way the sunshine was just illuminating the tips of the tree as it slanted through the rooftop - a tree halo!

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