Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wednesday Words - Dreams

You know that time when you know you've got to make some decisions about 'life'?  Decisions that could be, will be life-changing in some form or other?  Well, I guess I'm pretty much at that point at the moment; some big career decisions to make and some big personal decisions to make too.  It's kinda exciting but scary all at the same time...For the last year or so I've been dreaming of making certain changes to my life, some of them big, some of them not so big.  Those dreams have taken on a hue of radiance that has begun to shine bigger and brighter and suddenly, those dreams are turning into possible plans...I wonder where they will lead me?
Have you turned any dreams into plans?  How did it work out?  I'd love to know...

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  1. Believe in your dreams.. Be brave x