Monday, August 08, 2011

Ten Things I wished I'd known ten years ago...

They say with age comes wisdom - borrowed or stolen, gleaned from bitter and not so bitter experience.  I thought I knew it all when I was younger, but here are some things I didn't know but wish I had:

  • that loving someone is a decision not a feeling
  • that being me is always more than good enough
  • that clinging to past hurts is one of the greatest causes of present misery
  • to always live for the moment and what it has to offer
  • that money does matter
  • I should have taken more notice of Pollyanna...she was so wise, and right!
  • all things pass
  • it's ok to make new year resolutions and renege on them after three weeks
  • its ok to be selfish (occasionally!)
  • that regrets are usually reserved for the things we don't do
What do you wish you'd known five/ten years ago?

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