Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Galanthus Nivalus

The Snowdrop is one of my favourite flowers (along with Fresia and Cornflowers) and every year I berate myself for not planting ANY in my garden.  For some reason I never get my act together.  I think that's partly because for them to have any effect they have to be planted en-masse, so it's easier to go to a nearby park to enjoy them.  There are 75 different  varieties of snowdrops but only two are routinely cultivated and known as 'Nivalus' ie Garden Snowdrop.  The name Galanthus in Latin means "milk-white flowers" as all the varieties are clear white, usually with emerald green inner tips.There's something so delicately beautiful about this nodding flower, something serene and hopeful that really gives me pleasure when I spot it, so here are some pictures of this humble flower that are currently making me happy.
A garden in the Cotswolds

Nodding off under a tree!

With their friends the 'Fratillery'

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  1. Hope you watched Winter Watch, snowdrops were featured - beautiful flower