Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sugar and spice and all things nice..

So it's the start of half-term and any sane teacher would be lying on the sofa revelling in the thought that tomorrow they can have a lie in; they'd be having a glass of wine with their lunch (even tho' it's Sunday!!!!) and accepting invitations to go to the cinema.  What am I doing?  Sorting my kitchen cupboards!  This is all part of my 'plan' to get things more streamlined and easier to find what I'm looking for when I'm cooking.  For instance, when I cleared out one of the cupboards I found no less than five partially used packets of sesame seed! I mean....!!! It was a messy job - flour, golden syrup (not a good combination), seeds, I even found a packet of pasta lurking at the back that had a sell-by date of Aug 2008.  Anyone fancy coming for supper?  So here are some before and after pics and for those of you wondering where I got my stuff to help me organise.. I got all my bits from Lakeland Plastics .

Nice huh?! NOT. Chaotic mess and harbouring out-of-date packages that even my mother, renowned for her hoarding, would be ashamed of...
 So, all my baking stuff, sorted according to type; cake dec stuff in one box; dried fruits etc in another and so on.  All in easy to pull out cartons.

This is my favourite. Sad but true.  Before, all my spices were on one level and 4 or 5 deep so I had to pull out everything to find the one I wanted.  Now they are at graduated levels and grouped similarly ie curry spices together, herbs together and so on.

Such a good idea - why didn't I think of it before? 'Lazy Susan(s)' which only just fit but will have to do and make it far easier for me to find oils, vinegars and other condiments.

 All my flours, sugars etc labelled up with brown luggage labels for easy identification.
Aaaahh.... so now maybe I can go and sit on that sofa and relax in the knowledge that my kitchen cupboards are tidy and clean and look forward to my lie-in tomorrow..


  1. Knowing how much you adore lists I am very surprised you have not produced a spice list that you can fix inside of the cupboard to a) list the spices (A-Z and by region) b) indicated the date bought c) when they were last used d) recipes used in? K

    1. Now that's a good idea... Why didn't I think of that!