Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ice-cream chic

Well, still on the theme of holidays, let's talk about the new Mulberry Spring Collection.  It takes its cue from the good old British seaside, complete with ice-cream shades and pavilion atmosphere.  The fabrics may not always be suited to the British summer, but they come with the promise of sunshine at least!  I love the way sheer fabrics in lemon and cutsey pink have been paired with heavier sage green.  I've always been a fan of their bags( having bought my first Mulberry bag with my first-ever pay-packet when I came to London 25 years ago..and it's still going strong and coveted by my 16-year old daughter!)especially the Alexa and the Bayswater and they've updated these classics with neons and detail whilst still keeping the classic design.
By the sea

Old favourites with new detailing

I love the wispy unstructured skirt with contrasting heavier knit

and fresh new colourways

Although 'It' bags are not so PC in these days of recession, there is still something to be said for paying the most for the items you use the most - known as value for money!!!!  However, I guess that only applies if the 'it' item isn't then thrown to the back of the closet the next season in favour of the next 'it' product.  Given that I bought my bag 25 years ago and I'm still using it, I think that counts as fantastic value for money and means it's high time for a new investment..hmmmn, green or tan?  green or tan?

For another Mulberry 'fix' check out their video here..

What's been your best investment buy?

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