Saturday, March 03, 2012

Books, Books, Books

It's no secret that I love books - actually, it would be more precise to say that I love the printed word; however, that largely comes in the form of books in our house.  Despite my kindle, I still buy books, just for the physicalness of them.  The smell of the paper, the feel of the shiny cover in my hands, the satisfying weight of it; my kindle can't replicate that, so I still keep buying.  My problem is, that for some time now, I've had nowhere to put them so they're taking up an entire landing (as written about before!).  I'm on the hunt for some book storage solutions and I'm trying to think 'outside the box' and not just go with some bog standard bookcases.  This is what I'm up against:

So in the spirit of research I've been looking at possible solutions but got side-tracked by the interiors as well as the solutions, and most wouldn't fit in my home, but here they are anyway:
I love the shape of this one

the clean lines of this one

the simplicity

the clutter!

the chicness
Failing all else, I could give them away to a charity shop, OR, I came across this - in America ...

a phone-booth library.  It started off as an experiment with a few books put on the shelves.  They disappeared, so they put more books in; they disappeared and so they kept topping them up, until one day they went and the shelves had disappeared too!
What do you think?  Any ingenious ideas for books?

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  1. See link, where you combine the books into your furniture, you can also find examples of beds, tables etc. - consider a lending library? K