Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate heaven

I cannot contain my excitement!  I am not really a chocolate lover BUT I am a salted caramel devotee and it has come to my attention that for Easter this year Prestat have brought out a dark chocolate sea-salt caramel egg!  I mean!!!!  This I HAVE to taste - can I shout this any louder to anyone who is thinking of buying me an Easter present this year?  I haven't yet found anything that quite beats the sweet-salty pleasure of salted caramel - have you tried it?  Apparently it constitutes a dark chocolate shell made with Prestat’s finest bean couverture with added sea salt nestling inside Prestat’s new Easter Parade box. Inside the egg are Prestat’s luxuriant and more-ish sea salt caramel mini-eggs.  I tell you... Heaven!

What's your favourite Easter treat?

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