Monday, March 12, 2012

Chanel, Spring 2012

When I saw the pictures of the Chanel Spring collection from Paris earlier this month, I was totally captivated.  Lagerfield had put his genius towards a sea-themed extravaganza, full of mermaids and pearls, organza and aqua.  It really was something from a fairy-tale; beautiful and ethereal, romantic and captivating.  Karl Lagerfield recast himself as Prospero, conjuring a magical underworld from the raw stuff of fashion.  The Grand Palais was transformed by huge, blinding white sea shapes, corals, shells, seahorses and stingrays.

Lagerfeld said he wanted lightness. He'd used new fabrics even he didn't know how to define. They brought an iridescent mother-of-pearl shimmer to the collection—the lightness literally shone through. That was also why Lagerfeld strung pearls, instead of belts, around waists. And Sam McKnight dotted pearls through the models' slicked-back hair, too.

Even the purses were reminiscent of shells, the folds cleverly designed as hand-holds
I absolutely LOVE this ring

and this shell-like clutch

The models were exquisite in their pastel pink and blue tulle and even the back view was in keeping

as tiny pearls were literally glued to the models backs and wound round their waists in strings. 

If you'd like to have a go at replicating the Chanel pearl-studded hair you'll need:

pearl beads, thin gold wire and golden bobby grips and this tutorial. 

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