Tuesday, March 06, 2012


.I am one of the worlds best organisers (of others); I can direct and if necessary, dictate, and nowhere is this skill more utilised than when some DIY needs to be done.  I'm a very impatient person underneath my calm personna (yes, that's right family - my CALM personna)and when I decide I want something to happen, I generally want it last year and then backdated.  So, when something needs doing in the house for example and I haven't quite got the skills to do it properly (read drill, rawl plugs and so on) then I call on someone who can.  Then I direct and dictate until the job is done when I can then sit back and enjoy the end result(s).  So this weekend I decided it was high time to tackle some shelving projects - especially as they're glass and they've been sitting in the downstairs loo for some time - a disaster waiting to happen if I wasn't very careful.  I had thought carefully about where I wanted them to go (kitchen and spare room) so here is the before and after...
Down with the notice-board and up with the shelves

Fill with treasured things

and enjoy

more treasures, this time in the spare room..
It's so nice to dig out all my loved bits and pieces from the back of dark cupboards and actually enjoy them.  But wonder who's going to dust all that glass?!!!!!

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  1. D.I.Y. - can also stand for Dust it Yourself , k