Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sorry readers...I spent a HUGE amount of time at the weekend, writing posts and scheduling them for all of this week, only to discover today that for some reason or other all the content of these posts has been deleted/gone missing!  There is obviously a rather major glitch on Blogger and I'm hoping it will be sorted out VERY quickly.  The downside to this is that there may be a lull of a few days in posts as the reason why I'd done them in advance is I'm so incredibly busy with other commitments this week and I knew I wouldn't have time to post. That'll teach me to try and be organised!!!  Back in the next couple of days and hopefully this problem is a one-off!


  1. What a nightmare! I see from Blogger help that you're not alone in this..could it be the new template?

  2. How frustrating. Nothing worse than spending an age crafting posts only to have them go missing. Hope they 'turn up'!

  3. I totally get your frustration and disappointment - hope your week improves x