Friday, April 13, 2012

Pastel hues

Cherry blossom
I always used to call these trees 'yogurt trees' as the blossom reminded me of the colour of black cherry yogurts!  This time of year is such a gorgeous hopeful time, as the blossom studs the trees with the promise of longer and warner days to come.  It's the time for May weddings, parties and celebrations and I know that if I were planning a celebration for the Spring time I'd be looking no further than here for some spring-like inspiration for my party.
I'd have these paper blossom trees
and this gorgeous garland

Going with the theme I'd maybe make this lovely garland too, out of pastel blue, pink and green straws

Aren't they gorgeous?  How will you celebrate May day?

All images from Sweet Paul and PomPom Factory

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