Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glimpses of the Weekend

Having that one extra day at the weekend makes such a difference doesn't it?  Sunday becomes the new Saturday and there is an extra lie-in, not to mention more time to see friends, eat, drink and be happy together.  This is exactly what I did this holiday weekend - a really quiet day on Easter Sunday with a stolen afternoon sleep, followed by an evening walk through the Village.  Monday was my Easter Sunday as I cooked lunch for twelve friends - who all brought lovely gifts to share, from homemade Easter cakes to bowls of hyacinths to scent the room.  Here are some of the weekend moments

Apologies - most of the photos are of food, as  food and eating seemed to be the main feature of this weekend!  Baby tomatoes and new season's asparagus roasted in lemony oil; Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and mozarella; Eaton Mess and Santiago Almond Torte; Prosecco with blackberry liquer.  Lots of laughter and close friends.
 Then more catching up with a close friend who has just moved into her new apartment. We sat on her roof terrace in warm spring sunshine eating our lunch and watching the clouds billowing and folding across the sky, before planting up a herb tub. So relaxing.

How did you celebrate this Easter?


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