Thursday, April 19, 2012

French Pharmacy

A friend has generously just booked us a holiday to the South of France (whoop, whoop!) and one of the things I'm really looking forward to is browsing in their pharmacies.  They have the appearance of a clinical surgery with shelves piled high with products that look official.  That is, they don't have pretty pictures on them, they don't market them with visuals, instead they just name the product and the product speaks for itself.  The thing is, the products work.  Admittedly, you can now buy some of these products here now in our specialist chemists, but there's something extra special about getting the French product in France.  It almost seems as if the alchemy works better!  Here are some of my favourites:

As those who know me know...I'm addicted to lip balms and can't resist buying new ones.  This one is a German product but you can get it practically anywhere in Europe.  It's quite thick so good for the winter as it stays put!

These are beautifully packaged liquid soaps (they do handcream and household products too).  In order to be have the title 'Marseille' this soap needs to be mainly organic oils - they take their savon very seriously!  You can find these products in the UK now much more easily.

This is a great spritzer for the face - refreshing and cooling.

This is a great creamy product for taking off makeup and daily grime, leaving you with silky soft skin.

Good basic exfoliator to use after the gym/shower/bath and then slather on this...

- a gorgeous treat for your body that makes your skin feel super supple and smooth and smells totally divine due to its aromatherapy oils.  Guaranteed to soothe and relax all your muscles after a hard day.

a fabulous body oil that you can use all over, face included
Top your home facial off with a spritz of this calming toner; Caudalie also have the pretty packaging to go with the hard-working ingredients.

What's your favourite French pharmacie product?

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