Monday, April 23, 2012

7 Resources for better blogging

I've been mulling over a post on writing for some time. Should it be a 'how to..' post; a finding inspiration post; others' thoughts on writing?  I've decided that I just want to write something more personal..that is why I write and where I've found inspiration, support and a critical friend when needed.
I write because I can't not.  I've written since I was a small child - some dreadful poems (which I still have), some short stories, a couple of teenage novellas, two unfinished novels and of course my blogs. Writing for most of us is part of everyday life too and I truly believe that most people can learn how to write - that is, not necessarily like the bard or other great writers, but write better and well; write content that interests and leaves the reader with something to take away.
With this in mind I've pulled together some resources that have helped me on my writerly journey in the hope that some of them might work for you too...

1.Two blogs that I go back to time and again are Write to Done and Writing Our Way Home, both of which offer timeless advice on mindful writing; guest posts by other successful writers/bloggers as well as numerous tips for improving your writing

2.  If you're new to writing a blog, or even if you just want to gain a few more skills then take a look at Blogging Your Way by Decor8 an on-line e-course on blogging that covers all the basics and more.  Also worth a look at is the A-List Blogging Bootcamp run by Mary Jaksch who writes two blogs herself about writing.

3.  If you're serious about your blogging check out ProBlogger which has lots of ideas for making your blog successful and includes articles on motivation, workflow, techniques, principles of successful content, RSS and other technical stuff.

4.  For more inspiration check out what other writers say about how they write, their inspiration and routines.  Stephen King's On Writing is both a memoir and a textbook for writers, explaining how he became a writer and what works for him.  I also got a lot from Writers on Writing edited by James Roberts; a collection of interviews with high-profile Australian writers who talk about how they structure their days, writers block and other aspects of the craft of writing.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear where you go for help/inspiration
  • your favourite resources?
  • inspiration?

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