Sunday, April 01, 2012


So, my second day in Norfolk; the barn is gorgeous... Ikat type textiles on floor and walls; floor to ceiling windows (that's upper floor to ceiling!); gorgeous courtyard and sunshine...but it's cold; really cold and I'm sure something not of this world is prowling round the house. I keep hearing strange unaccoutable noises when I'm upstairs - the sound of glasses being clashed together; the noise that a light pull makes when the light is switched on and a really horrible feeling that I'm being watched! Anyway, less of that and more of this... If you've looked at the 'What I'm Eating' link on right, you'll see that for the last week it hasn't been that much and mainly consists of Aloe Vera gel.  That's because I decided to go on a detox.  Now admittedly my timing wasn't great - ie hugely busy at work so pretty stressed, a bereaved friend to support AND going on holiday towards end of detox.  Holidays usually denote treats; things I wouldn't usually eat like crisps, bread, cake etc so what on earth was I thinking!  Anyway, here I am on day 8 of said detox.  It consists of Garcinia supplements which contain many many nutrients and twice a day I drink a FOUL gel with water (at the start it's 4x a day!)  I am also allowed a disgusting shake as a substitute for breakfast and lunch.  But, it gets better as the day goes by as I'm allowed dinner! YAY.  So evening meals have taken on greater significance as it's the only 'real' food I'm allowed.  They are planned and looked forward to with huge anticipation.  So, on our first night here we went to the local (excellent!) pub The Kings Head and I can quite honestly say I had some of the best food I've tasted for some time.  The crispiest, crunchiest vegetable tempura with chilli dipping sauce, followed by pork loin with chorizo risotto.  Last night was a family celebration so sharing food predomoniated - bruschetta (made by my gorgeous daughter and neices) topped with tomato and mozarella and pesto and goats cheese; secondi was chilli and nacho's and finally a mixed berry eton mess.  Delicious.  Sorry, not many pics because I was too busy hosting but will try to do better today!  Hope you are all having a good weekend!  What's your go-to recipe for sharing with family and friends?
Vegetable tempura at the local pub

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