Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Lust Haves'

It's January and pretty much everyone has overspent at Christmas; it's dark and cold(ish) outside, plus we're all on diets, or at least detoxing and trying to be 'good' and I'm left wondering what there is to look forward to!!!  When I feel like that I 'window shop' on line and I've been eying up a few beauties over the last few days, including some pieces from designers that I have bought from in the past.  I can't add to my collection at the moment, but I can dream...

I first saw these rings in Coast Magazine a couple of years ago and just thought they were lovely.  The two halves represent the line of a coast of your choosing. So romantic and with Valentine's Day coming up, take heed...So,  having seen the rings, I commissioned these...

Cufflinks with the same idea - these are a replica of the Lizard Penninsula in Cornwall. You can see more of Hannah Louise Lamb's watery take on jewellery on her website.

One of my other loves is the designer Hannah Bedford, especially her granulated collection.  A while ago I was given one of her granulated rings for a present and I adore it.  She combines silver and gold in a graceful and innovative way, creating pieces that stand out from the crowd. 

Granulated Pendants

Fine granule rings

Granulated Ring

Granulated Cuff
I'm saving for the cuff - it may take me some time, but it's worth the sacrifice!!!
Stacking Daisy rings by Ana Verdun
 I'd love a few of these, I can't lie!  Sigh...back to reality...have a good rest of the week everyone!

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