Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How we live (1)

Provence - who wouldn't want to live here?
I am a complete home/interiors magazine junkie.  I would probably need some kind of rehab to help me overcome my obsession with these kind of magazines.  Confession 1:  when I cleared under my bed this weekend I found over twenty that spanned just the space of the last two months.  Confession 2: I am nosey. Yes, I am.  The best time of day to go for a walk if you like being nosey is dusk - it's not so dark that people have closed their curtains, but dark enough that they've put on their lights - oh joy, oh bliss - I can see their French chandelier; the Toile De Jouy wallpaper; the artfully arranged mantelpieces; carefully chosen soft furnishings and ornate candelabras; the soft muted palettes of neutrals on walls, the vibrant shout of a statement wall.  This is, as far as I'm concerned, the real reason to go for a walk at the end of the day!  We all dream of the place we'd like to live, whether it be city or lake, sea or river, village or mountain; I don't know anyone who hasn't refurbished their home with the proceeds of the lottery (imagined!) or bought a new home of their dreams.  I lean towards the soft creams, off-whites, browns and peaches with the odd splash of colour in my own home, and am totally obsessed with the French shabby-chic look.  It has grace and elegance with a sort of time-worn comfortableness about it - I'm definitely not into the show-home look.  I like comfort and homeliness combined with an effortless (which it never is!)appearance of chic.  So here are some of my 'lust-haves' of the moment...
Space, white light and a metal candleabra - heaven

Monastic 'whiteness'

Washed soft green armoire

Surely all dreams would come true if this was my bedroom!

Cool new way to display favourite pieces

Green glass and distressed wood - perfect marriage

A place to write my book

To showcase my treasures

and write my letters

Entertain in style
Curl up in comfort

All images taken from Campagne Decoration/Arts&Decoration & le journal de la Maison

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