Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homely Things

After my mad week rushing around I desperately wanted (needed) some r&r time.  For me that generally means pottering about doing 'nice' things that normally I push to the bottom of the list of things to do, usually because they're not necessities like grocery shopping, laundry etc.  So Saturday morning saw me at the gym trying to get back to some level of fitness and boy was it hard!!! I then countered the hard work with a blissful facial by Dermalogica which left my skin baby soft and plumped up, and me feeling very drowsy after the massage that went with it. I spent the rest of the day pottering in the garden, planting up bulbs and although my hands were numb with cold by the time I finished I was quite pleased with the result.
Old copper kettle and jam pan from my Grannies loft - second-hand books by my Granda Sid

Grape hyacinths planted up in kettle lid    
We finished the day with a curry with friends and a chilled glass of white wine

I love weekends like this; where the agenda is set as you go along and you choose to do as you wish, even changing plans at the last moment, like today.  I was meant to be going to Ikea to get some 'storage solutions' but after another trip to the gym this morning I just couldn't face it.  So instead I'm catching up on some blog posts and my squashy sofa is calling loudly for an afternoon nap!! 

Enjoy what's left of your weekend - I know I'm going to..

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