Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Reads 2011

As those who know me will testify, I have almost always got my nose buried in reading matter of some description or other - actually, I think I'm the literary equivalent of promiscuous as I don't really care too much what I'm reading - I suppose I'm a bit of a 'word slut' in that pretty much anything  goes...classics, contemporary novels, poetry, self-help, magazines, flyers through the door, menus and even on occasion (rare) Heat magazine.
I cannot think of anything more blissful than a whole day free to read, lying on the sofa, cups of tea and complete absorbtion in a good book.  In fact I know I have developed a particularly bad habit over the last year or so, if I walk into the staffroom and someone's dropped their paper/magazine on the table, the first thing I do is start to read it (bit of a standing joke with the staff now) and should I go into a coffee shop that has papers/magazines, well, whoever I'm with gets short shrift as I polish off the latest headlines and gossip with my latte - conversation? Who needs that when there's something to read.  Anyway, here are some of my favourites from this year, ranging from the weird to the wonderful and I hope you are inspired to pick some of them up and try them for yourself...
This just speaks for itself - thought provoking and inspiring

Ladies who fly! A great fictional insight into those women that flew planes during the war

This is probably the best novel I've read for some time - if you haven't - you must!

I love his books - scary but in an intellectual clever way

She's mad! But it makes for great reading

Beautifully written and engaging

This book has turned some of my previously held beliefs way upside down.  Regardless of what you believe it's thought provoking in the extreme!

Such a talent - try Bixton Beach too

Takes over where Michael Newton leaves off

I might even use this as one of my NY Resolutions

An honest, moving account of how she coped with losing her husband

A master of poetry

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