Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strictly Update

SORRY! I've been meaning to post since Sunday but it has been so crazy busy that I just haven't managed to squeeze it in.  Anyway, to the important things....'Strictly' was fantastic.  In our family we always say when you're telling a story you have to start 'from the very beginning'... so... We took the tube (tedious)and arrived at the BBC to see a HUGE queue which we assumed was ours! WRONG.  That was the public queue and we skipped past it smiling smugly as we made our way through the security and up in the lift (yes, I really did go in the lift)to the Green Room on the fourth floor.  Moo and I sat and had a couple of drinks and people watched, I was SO in my element as you can imagine.  Standing in front of us in the queue was a certain ex-politician and her companion; Radio 4 were there too interviewing people in the queue with clever questions such as "so, why are you queuing today"  "To see strictly.."  "What do you like about the programme?"  "the dancing"....etc.  In the midst of all this entertainment I hopped out to the deck and took this photo - the sky was amazing -

Then we were called to the studio.  My first impression was that it was so much smaller than it seems on 'the tele'. It was however, just as glittery and showy and as we fought our way to our seats (3rd row from front) I had to pass said politician as it transpired we were sitting next to each other!  Mmmmn...let's just say that she wouldn't get a vote from me for either her dancing or her social skills based on the close contact we had that evening, although maybe it was the scotch egg that I offered her that prompted her to spend the whole evening sitting forward blocking the view, refusing to engage in any eye contact or even introduce herself to her fellow watchers when requested by the compere!  Hey ho, the other celebs were more worthy of our attention especially Dougie freshly washed from 'the jungle' although the bandana didn't look like it had seen the shower for some time.  The dancing was amazing; the glitter was sparkly and the night didn't disappoint in any shape or form.  It really is true tho, the tele puts pounds on as all the dancers are way smaller than they appear on the screen.  Talking of the screen - brownie points if you spotted us on camera, we were there - albeit ten pounds heavier than in real life!!!

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  1. You would not have curried the ex-politician favour - her eggspected early eggclution from the show was egghilarating with many eggpletives - sorry this is eggcutiating