Monday, December 05, 2011

Moments from the Weekend

Dressing Table inspiration
I spent the weekend Christmas shopping as I'm hoping to send all my gifts up north with family this week, but it did mean I had to try and blitz it all this weekend instead.  It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be!  To start with I made myself a spread sheet (yes! ME!)that covered each member of the family/cost/idea/budget/what I actually spent and even a column to show whether I'd wrapped it.  I thought carefully before I went and specifically targeted the shops where I knew I would get what I wanted, staying away from the 'browsing' element.  It was a highly successful tactic, and bar one present, I'm all done for the northern contingent of my family and riding high on smug self-congratulations!  So here are some snaps from one of my favourite places to visit - Maison and my jaunt down the Kings Road.

Children's toys to die for - especially the mouse in a 'house' or matchbox!

All that glitters..

Dining with elegance

Lebanese flatbreads

made with aubergine, green tomato, peppers and a bit of heat
- I love 'street food' and can't help but try a bit of this and that and this didn't disappoint!
Sloane Square's answer to a Christmas Tree

Glorious wrap in Anthropologie

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