Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Clean slate

Hmmmn; when I asked for my family's new year resolutions, the only thing I met with was a resolute silence.  When pressed for reasons why they were so unforthcoming, or even, dare I say it, ever so slightly defensive, I got a variety of answers that included; don't keep them so don't make them; boring; can't think of any...etc etc.  WHAT?!  I love new year resolutions...I get ridiculously excited about the whole clean slate thing; new projects; blank pages to fill in in my diary; starting again;  I'm not bothered that I might not manage a whole year of it, the important thing to me is the taking stock and changing tack if need be.  So here they are; my enthusiasm undaunted by nay-sayers...

Give my friendships more time and space to grow
Remember that I am good enough!  {See below}

I won't be afraid to stand out

or find a better balance between these two...

I will follow my creative heart

and enjoy the small moments

I will seek out places that feed my body and soul

and whatever happens, I'll remember I chose it
I'm going to develop an attitude of gratitude


and last, but not least, I'm going to remember that I have a spiritual dimension to my life too - whatever happened to my meditation practice?  the restorative silence?

what do you think of NY resolutions? 

image sources: 1.The Life Styled. 2 Pinterest

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