Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Greens...

I've always been drawn to the colour green; maybe it's it's supposed therapeutic qualities, or just because it draws out the colour of my eyes!!  Whatever the reason, green has been a lifetime love of mine.  I'm also fairly passionate about eating my greens;  As a child I hated them, despite the fact that all our veg was home-grown in my Dad's allotment.  Now I love the crunch of Savoy cabbage, the subtleties of spinach, and Kale is my new best friend, as you know from here.  I've recently discovered that if you massage kale, yes, you heard that right. Massage.  If you massage kale it takes away it's bitterness and you can eat it in a salad....this is one I'm definitely going to try (because I have loooads of time to be massaging veg, right..)  Recipe for kale salad with poppy seed dressing here.

Anyway, if you don't fancy that, here are some other super green recipes to help you on your way.

1. Spinach, Kiwi and Chia Seed smoothie
2. Grilled kale salad with beets, figs and ricotta
3. Spicy spinach dhal soup with yogurt
4. Chicken with braised savoy cabbage

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