Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Girl's Poison - Lavender Cocktail

I have a thing about Lavender.  I can't quite get the old-lady thing out of my mind if I'm honest, but equally, I see fragrant bushes around pools in Italy, and fields in Provence, and vintage bowls filled with sweet smelling buds; this goes a long way to dispelling the aged connotations!  Anyway, I came across this company - Monin.  They do a lavender syrup!!!!  (They also do every other syrup you could possibly think of a use for, and many you couldn't. but I'm up for the challenge!!)  I ordered it in a happy moment of madness and when it arrived in all it's glory, I thought, what am I going to do with this?

A cocktail.

Of course.

So here it is

You will need:(to make one glass)

1oz Monin lavender syrup
1 measure Hendricks Gin
juice of half a lemon (per glass)

Ok, so here's how:

Place your syrup and lemon juice in the bottom of a highball glass (I used tall Moroccan tea glasses).
Add lots of ice and pour your gin over the top.  Top up with soda, stir and sip.

Tasting Notes:
I was expecting a real hit of lavender.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I got the lavender flavour AFTER; a real after-shock.  Not a punch in the mouth, but a gentle caress of flavour on the palette.  I tried it out on a friend for lunch in the sun.  She was won.  It's gentle enough to drink during the day if that's what you're after, subtle enough to be elegantly served on a summer's evening in the garden.

PS apologies for lack of photos.  I'm having a NIGHTMARE with Picasa3.  Won't download, won't save; it's throwing all it's toys out of the pram.  I'm not impressed. 

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