Tuesday, August 21, 2012

French Shutters

Over the years I've taken an inordinate amount of photos of French shutters and doors.  They seem so much more interesting than the boring windows we have, don't you think? Non?  Well, my recent trip to Antibes was no exception.  It seems that the French have many different styles of shutters, wooden, metal, ones that open in, out, sideways, at an angle.  They come in many different colours, although my favourite are white or blue.  I know they serve a practical purpose by keeping rooms warm in winter and cool in the hot summers, but they just look so nice...
Pink, blue and green...sigh, so romantic

A makeshift library in a backstreet

Lush gardens, tropical blues and greens

My favourite - faded white wood and peeling paint, complete with iron balcony

How I love all these old shutters and doorways - which is your favourite?

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  1. Stressed pale blue shutters with white wrought iron balcony x