Friday, June 29, 2012

Best of the rest...

Who doesn't like to browse the internet and if you're a blogger there's nothing nicer than having time to trawl the virtual hemisphere looking for inspiring writers and sites.  In fact, it can become quite compulsively addictive!  I impose a time limit on my browsing or I'd never get any work done and it's usually at the weekend that I have time to sit and appreciate all the hard work my fellow bloggers have put in during the week.  Here are some of my favourite sites at the moment - they showcase creativity at its best and always give me something to go away and think about or put into practise, so if you've time to kill, take a quick peek...
1. Camille Styles a fabulous blog from Camille and her team; featuring fashion, DIY projects, food and interior decor.  She's been seen in Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge, both great sites for decor inspiration. 
*credit: Chris Perez for Apartment Therapy
2.  The Life Styled by Catherine Shepherd.  I've only just discovered this one and I LOVE it!  Based in LA Catherine is a stylist and her blog covers beauty, fashion and other inspirational things from her daily life.  Beautifully put together and great photos too.  What's not to love!
*credit: Catherine Shepherd for The Life Styled
3. Three Beautiful Things by Claire from Tunbridge Wells.  It's the simplicity of this blog that makes it so attractive.  Everyday Claire journals three things about her day that have been noteworthy.  It's a sort of meditation on mindfulness right there in front of you; a reminder to be in the moment and that even on a bad day, there are good things!
"When I have a cold, to make up hot apple juice and honey, to take another paracetamol and have some breakfast. It's amazing how much better everything seems" *credit: TBT

4. Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily.  Another LA blogger who is just about to release a book of the same name.   A good go-to for fashion inspiration as she mostly chronicles her daily outfits, with other bits of inspiration for variety.  She's also an ambassador for Estee Lauder and you can check out her beauty tips here.

*credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere
5.  Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi a gorgeously simple food blog with exquisite photographs.  She is a follower of Krishna and her recipes are all about healthy wholesome food cooked with love.  She lives in Finland and not only can she cook, but her food styling is beautiful.
*Credit: Pure Vegetarian
I hope you find something inspirational to take away, enjoy your reading and have a wonderful weekend...x

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