Monday, July 02, 2012

It's a blogger's life!

The last few years have seen a huge rise in the number of bloggers out there in the virtual hemisphere.  You can find a blog on just about absolutely anything and it got me thinking...  what makes someone want to blog?  I can only answer for myself, but guess that my motives are similar to others.  I blog because I love to write; I love to communicate and forge a connection.  I've written since I was very small when I made homemade books, stapled together; moving onto writing 'chapter' books for my friends and terrible angst-ridden poetry when I was a teenager!  If I wasn't writing I was reading, and even my first job was in publishing.  I guess, in a nutshell, I write because it's when I feel most like me.  It feels like it's what I'm meant to do; whether it's writing a list (my love of lists is well-known) a poem, or a short piece of mindful writing, the buzz I get from seeing words form, that have meaning for myself and hopefully others, is a compulsive addiction. 

I remember when I first got the idea to blog...I'd been going through a tough time one way or another, and nothing was ticking my boxes, nothing energised or excited me and then, one morning, I woke and my first waking thought was, "I'm going to write a blog".  For the first time in months, I felt alive, excited, renewed by the thought of a new project and so 'Lifelola' was born.
It's been two years since the 'birth' of my blog and to be honest it's been an organic thing; initially I only blogged at weekends and then as I became more involved with my writing, I realised that even a short spurt of creativity through my blog, on a daily basis, fulfilled and calmed my urge to create.
But of course, as writers we can learn from others; from other bloggers who have been longer on their journey; who have different skills to share, advice and encouragement to give; so it seemed serendipitous, that, just as I was feeling that I'd come to a bit of an impasse with my blog that I came across the blog decor8 by the multi-talented Holly Becker, a freelance design consultant.  From there I discovered her on-line blogging course Blogging Your Way2.  I didn't hesitate to sign up and have spent the last month on a wonderful journey; getting to know fellow bloggers and making new friends (thank you to the London Bloggers Group!) but also, crucially, practising new skills through podcasts and on-line tutorials;  I guess, for me, my steepest learning curve was with the 'techie' stuff as that doesn't come easily to me - great tips and advice on taking photos, using photoshop, creating collages and dealing with on-line trolls!  Thank you Holly and all your wonderful team for helping me breathe life back into 'Lola' and keeping me on my toes for the last month! 
*credit: decor8
and to all my readers, thank you for your support, patience and appreciation!  Here's to the start of a wonderful week...x

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  1. Sair - you may want to edit this
    As a blogger you have to have something interesting to say. Too many bloggers just use the air space to rant or just reveal such minor parts of their lives, which in truth may be interesting for their families but to most people are tedious ramblings. A good blogger is akin to a columnist taking a current issue or idea and placing their perspective on it. I am not interested in shoes but i am interested in what you say about them. Keep up the great reporting.