Friday, June 22, 2012

Ten things to do...this summer

I make lists all the time; lists for meal plans, lists for shopping, lists for calls to make, things to buy, books to read, I've got a list for just about everything.  Why is that?  I think it helps me to be more productive, it helps me remember! I think it's also because it gives me focus and direction and helps me to feel that I have a 'plan'...I like plans!!!  So, my long summer break is now in sight, six weeks with no school, no six am get-ups and ten hour days; no marking, assessments,assemblies, staff-meetings - what on earth will I do with my time....out comes 'the list'.

I need some structure for my time off...I've booked a holiday with the girls and a spa mini-break with my daughter but I love the thought of having time to do things that normally get pushed to the wayside, to try some new things and challenge myself a little.
So, what's on my to do list for the summer:
1)  Take a trip alone - broaden my horizons and not have to be thinking about everyone else..sounds good to me!
2) Redesign my blog header - my site is going to have a bit of a makeover!  I'm very excited about this and have already got the ball-rolling on this one and will share about this another time...Watch this space...
3) Find time to listen to music I wouldn't normally give airtime to - I'm not very up on the music scene at the moment - there never seems to be time!  I'm going to listen to some different genres and give my ears something else to tune into - any suggestions?
4) A 2-year career plan...Mnnn. Well, that's because I'm coming to a place where I need to make some decisions about what I do...move on, stay put? What to do?  I need mental space to make these decisions so the summer is the perfect time.
5) Fall in love all over again - with life, things and people I haven't seen for ages, rediscover what I loved about them and appreciate them anew
6)Remember to live 'in the moment' - I forget to do this, am always one step ahead of myself whatever I'm doing - thinking about what's next.  This means I miss out on the current experience and it also adds massively to my stress and makes me feel constantly 'time poor'.
7)Read some books with 'real' paper pages - I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but when I'm busy I don't go to the bookshop, just the virtual one and I miss browsing, picking up the books, turning the pages, not to mention reading in the bath, something I don't recommend with a kindle!!!
8)Make time for silence.  Get back into my meditating and shut out the clatter of the world, even if just for a few minutes of the day.  It makes such a difference to the quality of my day.
9)  Do something nice for someone else everyday - a 'random act of kindness'.  I've always loved the idea of this - paying for someone's coffee in the queue behind you, or leaving your parking ticket with time on it for another, there's always something I can do for someone...what random acts of kindness have you had done for you, or carried out?
10)Plan in writing time everyday.  As a blogger, I do tend to write pretty much everyday anyway, but it's snatched time usually and I have bigger plans, so need to put aside a little extra time to get things done.

So that's it!  Just a few plans...what about you?  Do you make lists to keep yourself on track?  Is it helpful, or do they make you feel stressed?

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