Friday, May 11, 2012

Domestic Sluttery

What a fantastic name for a book!  I discovered this blog and from that I got this book...
What other encouragement could a girl need to be sluttish? Sian Meades says "Being a Domestic Slut isn't about letting yourself go.  Far from it.  But there's more to life than perfection.  Perfection is exhausting. Actually, it's NOT being perfect that makes women awesome.  And it's finding your own brand of not perfect that makes life so much fun".  Hear hear!  This book is full of great ideas split into four sections and beautifully presented on pastel polka dot pages with cute montages.

First up is 'Home Sweet Home'
Lots of ideas about boudoirs, art, clutter (domestic cluterry!)housework, and my favourite bit in the whole book 'Bedside table essentials' which tells me I need to have the following: something to read, a beautiful carafe for water, lavender essential oil, a notebook and pen and (this is my favourite bit) Sexy things.  LOL, I love it!  

Next up is 'Food and Drink'
"Domestic Sluts are always thinking about food..." I can't disagree with that..take your pick from recipes for paella, curry, toad-in-the-hole, veggie dishes and a great guide on how to layer a tiered cake stand properly (I never knew there was a rule about this!) and the highlight for me is a recipe for a Cosmopolitan cake - "boozy, cakey goodness in a girly shade of pink".  I'm lovin' it.

Next on the agenda is 'Style'
Covering key wardrobe pieces, buying vintage clothes, ten commandments of style, caring for your clobber, the five minute face and hangover cures.

Last up is 'Living'
In this section find out how to make delicious cocktails, how to pack economically, party-planning, bargains and haggling and secondhand sluttery!

This is a great book to pick up at random and browse through and would make a fab present for a fellow domestic slut.

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