Monday, May 14, 2012

Glimpses of the Weekend

"Rain, rain go away, come back another day"..and it did! It's been a lovely weekend, beginning and ending in sunshine...I've done some of my most favourite things this weekend which has been lovely - topping up the memory banks and recharging batteries, as I know the next two weeks are going to be horrendously busy.
Saturday was long and leisurely, late getting up, late going to bed and here's what I got up to:
A train ride into Richmond (along with hundreds - yes, literally - of people dressed up in 70s gear!!!)where I visited their Farmer's Market down by the riverside.  It's one of the best markets I've been to in West London, well-worth the effort of getting over there from Wimbledon.  The produce is just exceptional and there is a Lebanese food stall there that sells the most divine street food I've had.  This time we tried the flatbreads stuffed with aubergine, tomato and chilli and Lamb Burak's stuffed with lamb, coriander and potato; retiring to the grass down by the river to listen to the busker, eat and snooze for half-an hour in the sunshine. Bliss..
I bought some purple sprouting broccoli which I'm planning to steam and eat for breakfast with a poached egg..
Who needs the Trevi Fountain?!!!!
After a quick snooze it was off to the theatre (more of that later in the week) to see a wonderful production by Northern Stage and Live Theatre, before finishing off the day with dinner in one of my favourite restaurants; where the lovely waitress brought us complimentary apple liquers and as she put them down she smiled and said "this is because you didn't have any dessert, and because good energy attracts good things".  How right she is.  The perfect end to a really lovely day.
Sunday, dawned bright and fair again, so off to the Weald of Kent for lunch in a country pub
where the garden is left wild and rambling on the hillside, the old apple tree and the wild sweet-peas growing contentedly.  We finished off the day with a wonderful (but tiring!) walk up Box Hill and along the ridge that becomes the north downs before heading down to the valley bottom and walking through a wonderful meadow of grasses, buttercups, and dandelion clocks...
Views from the top of Box Hill across the Weald

Down in the valley the river, willows and grasses
and before I left I made a wish (or three!).  Wishing you all a wonderful week to come...x

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